20 May 2020

Last week we launched the new Prototypr 3, with an open space to publish articles without the boundaries of sign up walls and popups. We finished 3rd on Product Hunt, and are already at nearly 3,000 members!

Introducing Prototypr Open Stories

And today, I’m excited to share our new editor – now you can directly contribute to our Open Stories section from a new editing dashboard. The publishing tools include:

  • 📝 An Editor: Write and edit your posts.

  • 🖼 Media Library: Easily upload images for your articles.

  • 👁 Preview: See how your drafts will look when published.

If you’re curious about the tech involved, the editor we’re using is the magical WordPress Gutenberg editor. It can handle contributor content, and is something stable for the short term.

In the future, we’ll be putting together a faster, custom editor! For now though, Gutenberg lets us get started right away.

Open publishing

  • Anyone can read what you publish.

  • Write about anything: we love side projects, case studies, and career learnings.

  • You control when your post is published (no approval needed).